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    I absolutely love photographing people. There is something so personal and vulnerable about a portrait. When it comes to my weddings, I really enjoy the pace and atmosphere of elopements and intimate ceremonies.

    My other passion lies in the realm of dress up. I have an obsession for playing with hair & makeup and allowing women to feel as beautiful as they look. If you haven't already, you can watch my Behind the Scenes video to see what it's like at a session.

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Teaser! Grace + Adam/SF City Hall Wedding

Hi, meet my new BFF, Olive. She is so stinking cute, I could just nibble her little cheeks. Oh, and those are her awesome parents Grace and Adam.

Here is a little peek from today’s wedding.



Sf City Hall Wedding Meo Baaklini Photography_0001Sf City Hall Wedding Meo Baaklini Photography_0002

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Jeilysse’s Cotillion/Discovery Bay Country Club

Happy 18th Birthday Jeilysse!!

What an honor to photograph this pivotal moment in a young woman’s life. There was dancing and more dancing, and singing and yes, even rapping (sort of…j/k). It’s a Filipino tradition for when a girl turns 18. There was a whole entourage of her friends and family that all participated in multiple dances. Some were traditional & some performed some amazing contemporary pieces.

In between, there is the 18 Roses dance. It was memorable because while each special gentleman in her life presented her with a rose and a dance, a lovely lady lit one of her 18 candles and told stories of their life and friendship with the debutant. It was very heartwarming to see how greatly she has affected those lives around her.

Congratulations Jeilysse!




Venue:  Discovery Bay Country Club

Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0017Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0001Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0002Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0003Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0004Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0005Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0006Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0007Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0008Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0009Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0010Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0011Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0012Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0013Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0014Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0015Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0016Jeime Bondoc Teaser-1Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0018Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0019Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0020Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0021Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0022Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0023Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0024Filipino Cotillion Photography Discovery Bay Area_0025

Avenle Summer Lookbook/Fashion Photography

Sometimes you meet people and instantly know you’re supposed to be friends. Maybe it was the initial email from Andrea of the Avenle duo that said she basically had been stalking my work or maybe it was the the excitement and passion behind her vision. Either way, all the stars lined up and the Avenle Lookbook was born.

It was the perfect recipe really.

Step 1. Hang out on the porch, sip some lemonade and make plans to hit the sea.

Step 2. Hop into your ridiculously cute Mercury Comet and head out on a road trip.

Step 3. Laugh, talk & make memories with your best friends.

Step 4. Savor the Endless Summer


Endless Summer | Avenle Lookbook from Avenle.com on Vimeo.



Everything filmed and shot on location around our local little city of Benicia. Many thanks to those who contributed the use of their beautiful homes and cars to help our vision come to life.

Wardrobe and Styling:

Andrea & Gina, the Avenle Duo (all the clothing from this shoot can be purchased online here! Yay for you!)

Hair & Makeup Artists:

Shari Fiel, Lip Service Artists

Emma Loyola, FSHN Magazine

Models/Avenle Girls:

Edgy-Elizabeth Dillman

Boho-Veronica Rose

Classic-Alyssa Glanzman

Girly-Emily Tseng


Primary, Meo Baaklini

Associate, Kailani Andrade


Chris Milani/Once More Productions

Set Design: 

Rachel Dagdagan


Kailani Andrade

Daniel Dearco

Jordan Stewart


Leave your thoughts in the comments section or Pin what outfits you love the best!

Cheers and Happy Summer!!




Behind the Scenes:

Vintage Modern Clothing Fashion Photography_0001Vintage Modern Clothing Fashion Photography_0002Vintage Modern Clothing Fashion Photography_0003Vintage Modern Clothing Fashion Photography_0004Vintage Modern Clothing Fashion Photography_0005Vintage Modern Clothing Fashion Photography_0006Vintage Modern Clothing Fashion Photography_0007Vintage Modern Clothing Fashion Photography_0008Vintage Modern Clothing Fashion Photography_0009Vintage Modern Clothing Fashion Photography_0010Vintage Modern Clothing Fashion Photography_0011Vintage Modern Clothing Fashion Photography_0012Vintage Modern Clothing Fashion Photography_0013Vintage Modern Clothing Fashion Photography_0014Vintage Modern Clothing Fashion Photography_0015Vintage Modern Clothing Fashion Photography_0016Vintage Modern Clothing Fashion Photography_0017Vintage Modern Clothing Fashion Photography_0018Vintage Modern Clothing Fashion Photography_0019